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Qualify for a car with a credit score UNDER 700

  • See if you can get approved  based on your current situation before you go to the dealership based on your current situation

  •  Online tool for customers with credit scores UNDER 700 to pre-qualify for auto financing based on their current credit profile and financial information




Three possible reasons why people with credit scores under 700 have difficulties getting financed for and buying quality cars. Here are some more detailed explanations:

  1. Limited Financing Options: Car dealerships and finance companies may view people with low credit scores as higher-risk borrowers, which can limit their financing options. Many lenders may be hesitant to offer car loans to people with credit scores under 700, or may offer loans with higher interest rates and less favorable terms.

  2. Limited Inventory: Some dealerships may not have a good selection of cars that fit the needs and budget of people with low credit scores. They may only offer high-end or luxury vehicles, which can be difficult for people with lower credit scores to afford.

  3. Lack of Experience: Not all car dealerships are equipped to handle the specific needs of customers with low credit scores. Some dealerships may not have the experience or resources to navigate the complexities of the car buying process for these customers, which can result in a negative experience or a lack of financing options.

It's important for car buyers with low credit scores to research and compare their options before making a purchase, and to work with reputable dealerships and lenders who have experience working with customers in similar situations. Additionally, improving one's credit score by paying bills on time and reducing debt can help improve the chances of getting approved for a car loan with better terms and lower interest rates.


UNDER 700 CREDIT SCORE car buyers may have lower credit scores because they have not had a chance to establish a credit history. Lenders typically use credit scores to determine the risk of lending money to a car buyer, and a low credit score may indicate a higher risk of default. This can make it more difficult for people with credit scores under 700 qualify for a car loan or may result in higher interest rates or less favorable loan terms. However, there are car buying  programs and options available specifically for people with under 700 scores that may make it easier to obtain a car loan with a lower credit score.

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