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Expert Car Buying Services From The Car Man  

Car Buying Programs

  • Last Leg Cars-for people who are paying for cars that are barely running or not running at all.

  • High Rate Reduction-for people who have car loans with interest rates above 20%

  • Under 700 car credit scores-for people who need a car but credit score is under 700

  • 1st time buyer-for people who are looking to get their 1st car loan

  • Make appointment for any of these services

Car Buying Paid Services:

Car Buying Advisor is here to make your car purchase a breeze! With our pre-preparation service, The Car Man will work with you to make sure you are prepared for your visit to the dealership. He will provide assistance to help you get the best value for your trade-in, review all necessary documents such as check stubs, and provide advice to get the most out of your car buying experience.

Contact The Car Man

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877 222 5022

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